5 Steps to Accelerate Growth by Streamlining Onboarding Process

Does cutting your New Hire Onboarding duration in half sound like an impossible feat?

It’s certainly not easy but it is possible.

New Hire Onboarding is a bottleneck to increasing capacity in many companies.  Here are 5 simple steps to take that can have immediate and lasting impact on your efficiency AND at the same time accelerate growth.

  1. Hold a facilitated Process Mapping session to understand your current onboarding training process.
  2. Separate your onboarding training requirements into Standard versus Custom items.
  3. Create a Fully Standardized “Level 1 Foundations” Training to provide all standard items in a self-paced format with regular, but short, interactions with Training team.
  4. Develop a hybrid Standard/Custom “Level 2 Role-Based” Training with Self-Paced and Instructor-Led-Training (ILT) activities.  Provide frequent interactions with Training team and a Role-Based “Training Buddy.” Include exercises using current business needs that allow the Trainee to contribute immediately.
  5. Transition the New Hire into his or her Role, and work with the Manager to implement “Level 3” Role-Based Training materials to standardize / customize On-the-Job (OJT) training, including Trainee delivered work under Buddy review until the New Hire reaches an objective level of proficiency.

When you bring new hires up to speed more quickly, you not only accelerate your team’s capacity, you alleviate stress and increase morale. AJC helped a client in high-tech reduce their New Hire Onboarding process from 3 months to 1 month, with first pass productivity within 2 weeks. We’d love to help you too!

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