5 Tips for Truly Innovative Strategic Planning

As many of us have experienced, annual strategic planning often turns into lackluster, long-range tactical planning. If you’re ready to put the strategy back into strategic planning, change things up with AJC’s 5 Tips for Truly Innovative Strategic Planning. 

As a leader, how do you know if the people you have will think about the total cost of all your company’s current projects — are you sure you’re working on the right initiatives? 

We recently held a virtual Lunch & Learn session with AJC Consultant, Erika Halperin. Erika shared how you can get your leadership team energized and focused around an emotionally compelling vision that will put the life back into your strategic plans and more clearly drive your tactical decisions. Check out the lunch and learn video below!

Erika shares two videos in her presentation that we want to call out and have added links for here. The first video illustrates how artificial intelligence, automation and electric vehicle technology shaped the vision, strategy and future for one company. The second video illustrates how technology can transform industries by showing differences between Formula 1 pit crews from 1950 to 2013.

In summary, here are the 5 Tips Erika shared for truly innovative strategic planning:

  1. Establish Definitions
  2. Confirm the Present
  3. Identify What Shapes Your Future
  4. Build Energy
  5. Lead with an Emotionally Powerful Vision