A Word from One of Our Account Managers: Barry Chapman Consultant Highlight


Every client engagement at AJC has an Account Manager assigned to it at no cost to the client.  The Account Manager’s role is to meet with the client periodically to make sure the client’s expectations are met. If there is anything the client needs from a business, quality or deliverable standpoint the Account Manager works with client to address any of these concerns/needs.

We don’t want or ask our consultants to upsell AJC services to our clients.  At AJC we want our consultants to be focused on one thing and one thing only: focus on the project work, delivering the highest quality output for the client.

Here are a couple fun facts about Barry:

  • He was a bit of an athlete back when. He was a swimmer through college, professional triathlete for two years and road raced for a cycling team in the Bay Area for six years.
  • If he had to pick between going 30 days without his phone or his entire life without dessert he would choose to get rid of his phone. “It would be easy to give up my phone. I love dessert. I could never live without it.”