Alex Jones

Alex 2020 Headshot

Alex Jones, Strategic Agile Consultant

Alex Jones is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation where he has deployed agile systems at scale to large organizations since 2012 and is establishing Intel’s scaled Global Foundry business model.  He is certified in Scaled Agile (SAFe ™) and is a certified Scrum Master.  He has created and deployed training within the company for Agile and Scrum practices for over 10 years.  Prior to focusing on Agile, Alex spent 14+ years in Lean Enterprise Systems.  He was trained by Toyota engineers and has a Bachelors in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Michigan.  Alex also has an MBA from the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business, and is passionate about running efficient, effective, and growing organizations. 

Alex’s Working Genius areas are Invention and Discernment, and he enjoys solving complex challenges on behalf of organizations and teams. He assists AJC® with high-level complex strategic solutioning especially in the areas of Agile, technical implementations, and business strategy.

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