Janell Hosch


Janell Hosch, Agile Project Management and Process Improvement Consultant

Janell Hosch is a Process Improvement, Project Management, and business strategy consultant with over twenty years of experience. Some of Janell’s notable consulting projects include Project Management work in Systems Implementation and Class A Initiatives execution at Genentech, Inc., Process Improvement work at Inpria Corporation, and Project Management coaching work at GiftTree. Janell is also a Certified Scrum Master and leads projects with an Agile mindset.

Janell began her career at Intel Corporation as an industrial engineer in a research and development factory, managing capacity metrics and modeling. Her responsibilities expanded to include several other roles such as construction scheduling, cost reduction opportunity identification, and project management. She then transitioned into a strategic planning role ensuring factories worldwide were equipped to produce the appropriate amount of product to meet demand. Janell now focuses on project management and process improvement with a diverse client base.

Janell studied Industrial Engineering in college, earning both Bachelors and Masters degrees in the field. Her graduate work at North Carolina State University included studying Kaizen principles and applying them to both manufacturing processes and business processes. She led improvement efforts, conducted workshops, and performed facility assessments in small and medium sized manufacturing companies in the area.

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