What is Awareness in Change Management?

“These guys don’t even know this is coming.” – CEO of a company planning to implement an ERP system this year From a change management standpoint: Does this sound like it may be helpful to your organization? If so, we’d love to chat. Contact us today! Check out our other video blogs in our series on …

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How to Get Everyone On Board (with Change)

Even before I personally knew that there is discipline aimed at getting everyone on board with a change – everyone also is known as “end users” – I tried to make sure that would happen for any project, system, new equipment install, or change in general that I worked on implementing. Why? Well, if the …

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How to Avoid Disorganized Projects

Disorganized projects are painful for everyone involved. What’s more, that disorganization leads to money lost. How can you avoid disorganization and losing money in a project? Have you tried implementing a Project Charter? Age old, this is a classic tool to align teams to goals, scope, desired outcomes, roles & responsibilities, milestone timelines, budgets, risks …

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What is a Reasonable ERP System Selection Timeline?

Once you know that you need a new ERP system, how do you know the duration that is reasonable for selection? What do you need to do, and who is owning that process? Companies select and implement new ERP systems hopefully no more than every decade. For the clients AJC works with, sometimes it has …

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ERP Implementation Roles & Responsibilities

Who do you need on your team to deliver a successful ERP Implementation? We are often asked about this, and have put together the the following table to help companies best prepare for a successful implementation. The team at the Vendor (or VAR – Value Added Reseller) also has Roles & Responsibilities to play. When …

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Is your ERP System Implementation going to fail?

70% of Systems Implementations fail; largely due to lack of buy-in I get it. You’re about to spend a lot of money on implementing a new system – the last thing you want to do is consider spending MORE just to convince your whole team to actually use it. Only, what will happen if they …

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Recap Video: High Value Results with AJC’s Executagility Model™

Thank you for joining us to learn about AJC’s Executagility Model™. Below is the link to the video from the heart of the presentation. Contact us to incorporate the Executagility Model™ into your organization! The three components address three major concerns for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Executives, VPs, and all leaders:

Focus on High Value Results with AJC’s Executagility Model™

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial for teams to work efficiently and prioritize high-impact tasks. But how can you ensure that your team is focusing their efforts on what really matters? HERE IS A LINK TO THE VIDEO FROM THE EVENT ITSELF! Introducing AJC’s Executagility Model™ – a 3-step approach designed to guarantee a …

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How to Apply The Working Genius to Change Management

It has long been on my mind that The Six Types of Working Genius* can be correlated to effective Change Management.  Different Working Geniuses will likely respond to learning about a change differently. Using the The Six Types of Working Genius* – we have come up with areas that each Genius could help the most with Change. Below are …

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