How to Handoff Like a Team

Do you have handoffs in your company?  A handoff is when one group transitions work-in-progress to another.  For example, your awesome sales department has signed a specific contract or scope of work with a client, and now it is time for the project execution personnel to deliver.  Or Engineering has designed a terrific product and …

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What’s in a Form?

The problem is that often we abuse the basic tenet of value-added form use by adding more or expanding forms without thinking why we need the information contained within them at all.

Why “Pareto” Should be Part of Your Lexicon

According to the Wikipedia, “A Pareto chart, named after Vilfredo Pareto, is a type of chart that contains both bars and a line graph, where individual values are represented in descending order by bars, and the cumulative total is represented by the line.”  A related Wikipedia article on the 80/20 Rule states that “It is a common rule of thumb in business; …

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Tribal Knowledge is a Barrier to Effective Onboarding

Many businesses are experiencing the impacts of a coming economic growth period. I was in a regional meeting of business leaders the other day where ITR Economics predicted growth for 2021. In a breakout session after the presentation, we discussed what business leaders are doing to prepare for this growth forecast.  Almost half the people …

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Communication and Change Management with Robin Gervasoni

My specialty is communications but I am SHRM (HR) certified and PROSCI change management certified and been involved in all sorts of change efforts throughout my career – from closing down pension plans, communicating changes and large increases to employee benefit programs, new leadership teams, new CEOs, acquisitions, mergers, new system implementations, restructures, etc.  Change …

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When to Measure Change in a Project?

Following up from our previous Blog, “How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?”, this article discusses when to measure change in a project. Ideally you will have a baseline measurement – i.e. before work has begun on the change. For example, if you are implementing a new system, you can poll …

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5 Steps to Accelerate Growth by Streamlining Onboarding Process

Does cutting your New Hire Onboarding duration in half sound like an impossible feat? It’s certainly not easy but it is possible. New Hire Onboarding is a bottleneck to increasing capacity in many companies.  Here are 5 simple steps to take that can have immediate and lasting impact on your efficiency AND at the same time …

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Are You “At Risk” of Tribal Knowledge?

“We have a ton of tribal knowledge; nothing is written down, and it seems that everyone does things differently.” Companies often struggle with the lack of documented processes, commonly referred to as “Tribal Knowledge.”  Typically, company leaders feel that having too much “Tribal Knowledge” is a risk, and for good reason. If you feel that …

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Project Management & Process Improvement with Grace Chang

Has Project Management and Process Improvement changed in the current COVID-19 climate?For Project Managers and (Process Improvement) Consultants, additional logistical questions are now an essential part of the initial conversations. For instance, we are understandably seeing that virtual tools are becoming the standard practice, which presents questions of project scope and need to determine the right …

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3 Tips for Setting Expectations for a System Implementation

At AJC, we help clients implement new software systems. We don’t code or perform technical configurations, or even clean up data for migration, but we help as the “Owner’s Rep” as Project Managers, Accountability Partners, and Change Managers – ensuring the entire team at the company implementing the new software is ready to go and …

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