Brand Guidelines


Primary Logo

AJC’s primary logo is the symbol that represents the company and should be featured on all brand materials.

Initials Logo

The AJC icon can be used when:

  • the primary logo is not necessary (e.g if the primary logo is used on the front cover of a report, the initials logo can be used on the back cover, or on interior pages),
  • the space available is too small for the primary logo to be legible (see Minimum Size guidelines below),
  • or in cases where the company name is already displayed in plain text (e.g. as a Twitter or Instagram profile photo, because the company name will be adjacent to it in plain text).

Download Logo Files

Logo files for print are provided in CMYK. The file formats include .eps and .jpg. Where possible, please use the colour vector versions (.eps) of the logos for the best results.

Logo files for digital applications are provided in black and white versions. The file formats include .png, .jpg, and .svg. Where possible, please use the vector versions (.svg) for the best results.

Clear Space


The logo should always have clear space around it. The diagram above shows the amount of space that is required at all times around the logo. The light blue shows the spacing applied to all sides of the logo — no text, imagery, or other logos should enter this space.

Ensuring the right amount of clear space is incorporated around the logo keeps it clear and readable, no matter where it is used.

Minimum Size

To maintain readability, the logo should not be printed smaller than 4.5 cm in width. In digital applications, it should not be shown any smaller than 215px in width. When a logo is required for use in a smaller application, please use either the initials logo or the icon.

For example, on mobile devices the initials logo is used in the header on the AJC website instead of the primary logo, due to the smaller available space.

Logo Usage

The AJC logo can be used in reverse (white) on a colour background when the area of colour is a key component of the design. It should never be used as a white box containing the logo. The images below illustrate the difference:






Outer Space
Blue Jeans

AJC’s primary colours are black and white. When a more dynamic colour palette is required, the secondary colours can be used. Outer Space and Blue Jeans should be used to draw attention to specific areas/items in a design, while Khaki and Eggshell can be used as accent or background colours, where a more subtle tone is effective.


AJC’s corporate typeface is the Google Font, Muli. It can be downloaded from here for free.

A few typographic guidelines:

  • Use no more than three header styles in a document — two is even better!
  • Line length should be between 45–80 characters — a shorter line length means content is easier to read (learn more about this here).
  • Remember to pay attention to spacing — AJC’s visual style incorporates a lot of white space, which should be reflected in the type of a document as well as the overall layout (i.e. line-height and paragraph spacing should never be too tight).



The AJC icon makes a fantastic repeating pattern that can be used as a component in designs, such as on the back of the AJC business cards.



The illustration style for AJC is minimal, flat, and utilizes the AJC colour palette. Illustrations are used to to represent the different services offered, as seen on the individual service pages of the website.



AJC uses a minimal, two-colour icon design. Each icon is made up of solid black shapes on top of an offset Blue Jeans shape — any new icons created should follow this style.

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