Change Management and Communications for New Online Program

Starting a new program to support internal customers across the world is not easy. Throw in a global pandemic – and our Client called this project “a positive, perfect storm!”

Solutions Used

Several tools were used through the course of the Program Growth Change Management and Communications project. These included:

SWOT Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Change Plan and Communication Plan

Messaging Platform and Branding

Awareness Campaign

Ambassador Program

Marketing Toolkit

Roadshow Deck

Sponsorship Plan and Leadership Tracker

Newsletter Program

Over the course of this promoting the new program, AJC collaborated with the Client team to guide change activities and help execute every step of the way.




As a customer-focused organization, this Client wanted to empower their talented team to “focus on the work that matters most,” so together their entire company can deliver more meaningful outcomes for customers and stakeholders.

The Problem

The client had the insight that providing an internally-outsourced resource to whom employees could delegate mid-complex level tasks would transform the way teams deliver value to customers and stakeholders. However, at the time AJC engaged with the Client on the Change Management and Communications project for their new portal, the Program Manager had limited resources and materials to promote the program, raise awareness, create a buzz internally, and increase utilization for their service offerings.

When COVID-19 hit, the Change Management and Communications Plan, originally devised with several in-person multichannel events, had to quickly pivot to a Work-From-Home (WFH) environment. The Client and AJC’s OCM/Comms Consultant flexed immediately to meet the new challenges, creating and leveraging plans for virtual events to maintain momentum and generate additional buzz.

“It was a positive, perfect storm!”
Client Senior Program Manager

Figuring Out the Solution

Initially, AJC developed a Change Management and Communications Plan that we executed to in an Agile fashion through the full 15-month engagement. The partnership was a true team effort!

Goal 1

Ensure all program content was available for ease of use and marketing.

AJC helped with webpages, videos, infographics, and partnered with internal the Program Manager and Core Team members to use these materials in communications and presentations about the program

Goal 2

Clarify program messaging and offerings for new and existing users.

AJC and the Client created an Ambassador Program where internal champions shared more about the program as Superusers with their internal networks.

Goal 3

Increase internal adoption of the program, and drive users towards a consolidated intake portal.

AJC created communications and consistent messaging about the Portal and benefits for use, more than doubling the number of users over 15-20 global sites, projects, and internal revenue (ROI) in just one year!

“The success of our awareness efforts not only increased platform adoption, but also opened up partnership opportunities to expand its scope and deliver even greater potential value to the organization.”
Client Senior Program Manager


The new Client program has successfully created momentum with new adoption and awareness, as well as long-lasting partnerships throughout the organization . The best part, however, was that the client shared that she felt AJC’s consultant was truly a part of her team, and a great fit for the organization. We couldn’t be more thrilled at developing long-lasting great relationships.