Operational Strategy & Strategic Planning: Vision Plastics

Established company, great reputation. Second generation leadership ready to take on new challenges and growth!

Solutions Used

First, AJC developed a 2-page list of financial and operational data to collect and analyze, collaboratively with Finance and Operations leadership.

Next, AJC analyzed data offline for insights, prepared charts to report out.

Conducted 2-day Facilitated session using the Strategy Deployment Matrix to use data to drive 3-year and 1-year goals, tie those to prioritized initiatives (using AJC’s copyrighted prioritization tool), and created milestone implementation plans for each, supported by metrics and Single Point of Contact owners.

Aligned goals were for Revenue Growth, Diversifying Customer Base, and Great Place to Work – Everyone was on the same page.


An established company with a great reputation with second generation leadership was ready to focus on growth.

The Problem

Sales, while strong, were relatively flat – and there were questions on whether existing capacity could handle the growth the new President desired.

“We are a 30 year old company with 30 year old “Habits” and habits are hard to break.”
The Client

Figuring Out the Solution

First day focused on data review, facility “gemba” walk. Leadership visionary statement on the “Why” and Leadership team aligned on top 3-year and 1-year goals.

Goal 1: Where to start?

Facilitating a meaningful Strategic Planning Session takes prep work. Collaborating with Finance and Operations leadership, we developed a 2-page list of financial and operational data to collect for analysis. Charts illustrating specific messages were summarized in a PowerPoint for report out in the first Leadership Team session. The team discussed and documented each “fact” they uncovered through this exercise for later reference.

Goal 2: Understanding how to use the data to create SMART goals.

The company knew they wanted to increase revenue, but were not sure exactly how to be specific about what that meant. What goals were both challenging, yet realistic over the course of the next year? Reviewing the data and walking the floor together, the Leadership team was focused on both the opportunity, and scope of what was possible.

Goal 3: Articulating 3-Year Goals

Armed with a clear picture of where the business was at that moment in time, the team was able to articulate 3-year goals that were specific. Targets with realistic growth percentages to reach specific dollar figures for both Gross and Net Revenue. A sense of the culture and teamwork required to reach these goals lead to the goal of being a Desirable Workplace as measured by company surveys.

Goal 4: Map to 1-Year Goals

Each 3-year goal was mapped to a 1-year specific target. The team identified the need for one more “A” client to be brought in over a certain dollar/margin threshold that year to support the revenue targets. They were able to articulate the desired gross revenue from existing clients in the year, and identify specific accounts where upselling and cross-selling was most likely. They also said that they wanted the employee survey to hit a certain percent of respondents being “highly satisfied” in their jobs that year.

Goal 5: Rubber Meets the Road – Prioritize Initiatives

The team had a lot of ideas for how to meet the 1-year targets, as many teams do! In order to objectively quantify the likelihood of success for each idea, AJC facilitated a “blue sky” brainstorming of all initiatives, then lead the team through a scoring exercise that objectively quantified each idea against their ability to meet each of the 1-year objectives. They also gave a binomial “gut feel” rating, to sanity check the idea with the leaders who would champion each initiative. At the end of this exercise, a clear Top 6 Initiatives for the year met with unanimous approval from the team.

Goal 6: So Now What?

With the specific Initiatives articulated that would yield the desired results, the team was energized. However, they still needed more to be able to execute. AJC facilitated milestone Implementation Plans for each of the top initiatives, assigning a single Accountable leader to each one, and agreeing to one or two specific metrics that would measure how successful the initiative was in accomplishing each overall Goal.

“AJC was able to keep the group focused and moving forward in a positive manner among diverse personalities. Bottom line, we are now on a path of efficiency and growth.”
Brian Stevens, President – Vision Plastics


Armed and dangerous, the team was ready to meet the challenges of the year ahead with Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Responsible, and Timely Goals and Implementation Plans with full alignment on execution. The best part? Increased Revenue and profitability for all.

Does the Data, Align, Execute, Results (Revenue) approach appeal to you?

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