Recap Video: High Value Results with AJC’s Executagility Model™

Thank you for joining us to learn about AJC’s Executagility Model™. Below is the link to the video from the heart of the presentation. Contact us to incorporate the Executagility Model™ into your organization! The three components address three major concerns for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Executives, VPs, and all leaders:

How to Execute With Agile

There are always opportunities to improve. Yet somehow these opportunities take a backseat to the immediacy of day-to-day work. Weeks, months, even years pass by, and nothing seems to change or get better. At AJC, we believe that the seven most expensive words in business are “we have always done it that way.” We have …

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AJC Playbook: How to Implement Strategic Projects?

Now that you know WHAT you are going to do, it is time to implement. There are two facets to this.  First is the Project Management Office or PMO, keeping tabs at the high level of all initiatives and continuing to prioritize between existing work (back to WSJF). Second is the individual project implementation work. …

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Andrea Jones Consulting®’s 2021 Clutch Year In Review

This article was written courtesy of – thanks guys! 2021 was anything but ordinary. Through the challenges and uncertainties we faced throughout the year, it’s our clients that kept us going. Here at Andrea Jones Consulting®, our goal is to help our clients scale with people, process, and technology changes. It’s because of our …

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AJC Playbook: Sharing our Methodology

While AJC typically helps with Execution or Implementation work as (Agile) Project Managers and Change Managers, there is much strategic and prioritization effort involved before we can truly get to this phase of work. AJC’s Playbook tells how AJC recommends sifting through those aspects of strategic preparation as well as practical implementation or execution so …

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Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked for Business Consulting

Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked in the areas of Business Consulting for the services we provide, including: Business Strategy Development Services Business Process Improvement Organizational Change Management Business Project Management Business Consulting in the field of Agile Processes and Scrum Business Management Consulting Thanks to Kolitch Romano for helping AJC achieve this important milestone.

Meet Erika Halperin!

Erika Halperin is one of AJC’s amazing Consultant Team members with a strong experience in Agile and Strategy. We are excited to share her expertise with our readers! What is Agile? Agile is a mindset and set of practices that allow software development and business teams to work collaboratively and iteratively to frequently deliver high-quality, …

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What are Daily Standup Meetings? (And can you have them virtually?)

Daily Standup meetings, also known as daily “Huddles,” are a tool for focusing a team on their work for the day. Standups, whether held in person or virtually, are designed to be short – hence the standing format. Typically, there are three questions, and they can be used for any team working for any desired result. These three questions align the team in three distinct and important ways (and yes, Daily Standups can be performed virtually – see the end of the article for tips).

Agile Fundamentals Lunch Learn with AJC’s Alex Jones

There is a lot of talk around being an “agile” organization these days – since COVID began so abruptly, many organizations are reconsidering how they adapt to change, and being “agile” sounds appealing. Learn as Alex Jones discusses the fundamentals of Agile, its birthplace from Lean, how to use the Agile frameworks of Scrum and Kanban to make knowledge work visible, and what the role is of leaders in an Agile organization.

Why Use an Economic-Based VS a Resource-Based Prioritization Model

We have all heard a variation on the justification to *not* undertake certain tasks that runs something like: “but we don’t have anyone who has time to do that.” Many organizations prioritize their work based on who is capable and available to do it. Using a resource-based prioritization model, however, is a dis-service to your organization. We recommend an Economic-Based Prioritization Model.