How to Create a Milestone Schedule in the form of an Agile Project Backlog

Given the inevitability of change, creating a static “Waterfall” schedule with all tasks and dependencies fully known at the outset of a project seems antiquated at best. Here is how we recommend generating a tried-and-true Milestone Schedule in an Agile fashion – specifically by creating an Agile Project Backlog.

Seeing the Path Sometimes Takes an Accountability Partner

This describes AJC’s value of Foster Accountability. We have executed projects and change before and can help our clients’ teams create and visualize the path. At first, all they need to worry about is visualizing working with our team. We will help them create and follow the path so that over time, they will be able to see the path for themselves and can execute on their own the next time.

Thinking Deeper about Communication and Responsiveness

Many of us have had the experience of asking for something specific, and not hearing back – for a “long” time, or sometimes ever! Great leaders, such as Pat Gelsinger of Intel, give advice to leaders, especially in a pandemic, to “Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.” At AJC, we are keenly aware of the frustration and stress …

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Communication and Change Management with Robin Gervasoni

My specialty is communications but I am SHRM (HR) certified and PROSCI change management certified and been involved in all sorts of change efforts throughout my career – from closing down pension plans, communicating changes and large increases to employee benefit programs, new leadership teams, new CEOs, acquisitions, mergers, new system implementations, restructures, etc.  Change …

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When to Measure Change in a Project?

Following up from our previous Blog, “How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?”, this article discusses when to measure change in a project. Ideally you will have a baseline measurement – i.e. before work has begun on the change. For example, if you are implementing a new system, you can poll …

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What is an Operational Needs Assessment?

Many companies want to be “Operationally Efficient.” However, it can be difficult to decide exactly what department, what area, what processes, or how exactly to get started improving your operations. After all, if you improve things upstream or downstream of your bottleneck, it won’t improve your overall throughput. Or if you work on improvements in …

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How do I Improve My Company’s Operational Efficiencies?

Take our quiz to find out what kind of Operational Efficiency Improvements are right for your company. Replace [*] answers with your own specific needs. 1. Which department, area, or process do you want to improve first? a. The [Customer Service*] department. b. Documenting/updating the standardized processes we use to deliver [product/services*]. c. Our [New …

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What if my needs change mid-project?

“Things are evolving so fast, we don’t know what our needs will be in the next (week, month, quarter).” Things change – and the best laid plans may not always work with what the reality is in your organization. Nothing exemplified this better than the almost overnight onset of the COVID pandemic in March of …

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Use the Three Lenses to Analyze YOUR Organization

At MIT Sloan, one of the required “Core” courses is (or at least was!) Organizational Processes.  That is where I was first introduced to the framework of the Three Lenses. The Three Lenses are: Strategic, Political, and Cultural.  They each represent a different approach from which to view an organization.  Each offers a unique perspective …

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How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?

It is not easy to objectively measure things which are inherently subjective.  The ability to change is one such subjective thing. For instance, how do you assess whether any individual, let alone a whole group of individuals, will be able to perform once a change has taken place?  COVID taught a lot of us about …

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