Organizational Development

How do you know if your employees are satisfied?

There is a lot of buzz about the Great Resignation or the Resignation Tsunami. More recently, however, the conversation among Leaders has shifted toward Retention. Leaders are recognizing that they are not able to hire talent quickly, and turnover is expensive and can cause delays in value production for customers.    So how can you …

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Andrea Jones Consulting®’s 2021 Clutch Year In Review

This article was written courtesy of – thanks guys! 2021 was anything but ordinary. Through the challenges and uncertainties we faced throughout the year, it’s our clients that kept us going. Here at Andrea Jones Consulting®, our goal is to help our clients scale with people, process, and technology changes. It’s because of our …

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AJC Playbook: What kind of growth do you want?

There are three basic ways to run a business that is a “going concern”– well, actually four – and any of them might be right for your organization.  These are so fundamentally different in terms of growth, however, that the Leadership Team needs to be aligned before going any further in this process. True Innovation …

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AJC Playbook: How to Define a Company’s Core Values?

What does your organization truly care about? Your organization’s Core Values, those things that you really and truly care about, should be so foundational that you are willing to hire, coach, develop, and ultimately fire people based on how well they live them out. These values should speak to your “Why” – to borrow from …

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AJC Playbook: Sharing our Methodology

While AJC typically helps with Execution or Implementation work as (Agile) Project Managers and Change Managers, there is much strategic and prioritization effort involved before we can truly get to this phase of work. AJC’s Playbook tells how AJC recommends sifting through those aspects of strategic preparation as well as practical implementation or execution so …

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Why Should I Care About the Working Genius?

Have you ever experienced joy and fulfillment from some types of work that you do? Time seems to pass un-noticed, and your energy level remains high. Conversely, other types of work feel like a drain and leave you unfulfilled. Time inches by and your energy is drained as you do that type of work. The …

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What does Organizational Development Foundation Consulting Look Like?

Leaders often have a clear vision of what “good” or even “great” looks like for their business or department. However, how do you as a leader know if the people you have will be able to execute on your vision of the future? This overview of an Organizational Development Foundational Consulting project explains how AJC can help you turn your vision into reality with the right people in the right seats.

AJC can Facilitate Working Genius Assessments for Individuals & Teams

AJC is excited to announce that our Principal, Andrea Jones, MBA, MS, PMP, is now a Certified Working Genius Facilitator! Thanks to The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company and the whole The Six Types of Working Genius team – this model has the potential to revolutionize the joy and fulfillment individuals and teams derive from work.

Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked for Business Consulting

Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked in the areas of Business Consulting for the services we provide, including: Business Strategy Development Services Business Process Improvement Organizational Change Management Business Project Management Business Consulting in the field of Agile Processes and Scrum Business Management Consulting Thanks to Kolitch Romano for helping AJC achieve this important milestone.