Organizational Development

Focus on Improvement from an OD Lens

At AJC, we believe there is room for improvement and growth in all areas. We embrace improving ourselves and role modeling an actionable change-ready mindset that will help you move the needle forward.  The following article is a contribution by AJC’s Organizational Development Consultant, Terry Smith The only reason the concept of always having room for …

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Foster Accountability from an OD Lens

At AJC, we help our clients visualize and blaze the trail towards greater accountability for individual and collective performances. Traditional thinking tends to lean toward accountability of individuals to organizational performance standards and achievement of professional goals and objectives.  However, leaders who understand the give and take of the employment relationship foster greater accountability amongst themselves to their staff. 

Servant Leadership from an OD Lens

Everything we do at AJC is intended to help your teams grow, develop, and perform at a higher level. It is not about us, and we don’t want it to be. OD practitioners must necessarily embody servant leadership; their role operates completely in service to the needs of the organization

Communication and Responsiveness from an OD Lens

Where effective communication is prevalent, business results are superior, often by far, over organizations where communications are observed as being ineffective or insufficient. AJC is committed to ensuring that your messaging operates on the multiple levels necessary to brilliant execution on your commitment to your staff and your mission.

AJC’s “Time Value of Life” from an OD Lens

A truism that flirts with being a cliché is the perspective that we Americans are blatant workaholics, and that our business leaders exploit that intensity to unrealistic, sometimes grueling and occasionally abusive levels.  Organizations that understand and engage in positive development grapple with the issue of staying competitive in today’s market without burning out the most important resource they have at their disposal. The fifth value of AJC addresses this issue directly, the time value of life. We place high value on the active pursuit of both our personal and professional lives and believe we can be successful in both simultaneously.

How Are Values Viewed from an Organizational Development Lens?

One of the primary aspects of the OD profession is guiding and supporting the organization in the development and implementation of organizational values. It is important to understand how your values will resonate with your organization, in an overall holistic view of how your values underscore your organization today, and it’s future development.

What Organizational Development Is Not

Organizational Development is a tremendous opportunity for any leadership team to put real impact behind high-minded concepts of growth mindsets and dynamic culture. Overcoming and dispelling some of the common myths and misconceptions around OD is a necessary first step to building a holistic and effective organization.

What Is Organizational Development?

Although the field of OD has been around since WWII, it is continually evolving to meet the new needs of organizations and communities, such as a growing investment in understanding and enacting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) theories and practices. Organization Development (OD) refers to the interdisciplinary field of scholars and practitioners who work collaboratively with organizations and communities to develop their system-wide capacity for effectiveness and vitality. It is grounded in the organization and social sciences.

Should We Promote Our Outstanding Individual Contributors?

The default position for many organizations is that career advancement is confined to movement into management roles. Additionally, most organizations continue to reward the newly promoted manager for their individual contributions, detracting from their incentives to be good managers. OD thinking allows organizations to consider that management roles are not the only path to promotion and can help create Individual Contributors career growth tracks that are just as rewarding as Management tracks.

Organizational Development and the “Diving Catch”

The “Diving Catch” is a common metaphor in business to describe that extraordinary effort on the part of an individual who, at the last second, saves the day for the enterprise. The irony of such a culture is that it is more focused on preventing failure than on driving success. Organizational development provides the tools and processes to pivot away from crisis-oriented diving catches and towards a more strategic and predictable model of operations.