What is an Operational Needs Assessment?

Many companies want to be “Operationally Efficient.” However, it can be difficult to decide exactly what department, what area, what processes, or how exactly to get started improving your operations. After all, if you improve things upstream or downstream of your bottleneck, it won’t improve your overall throughput. Or if you work on improvements in …

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Prioritize Your Post-COVID Pivot

Three years ago, I wrote an article advocating that companies prepare to disrupt their own business model.  Inspired by notable speaker and author Professor Robert Wolcott of Kellogg, who had spoken at a conference I had just attended, the article challenged business leaders to consider the following question:   “What will happen to my business when people stop buying …

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Operations Management in the time of COVID-19 with Erin Barsuglia

What is Operational Strategy Consulting? Armed with your goals, Operational Strategy works with your team to develop implementation plans and identify strengths, gaps, opportunities, and threats to your organization’s ability to meet those goals. Tell us about the importance of continuous improvement/process improvement in the operations world. ​ Continuous improvement is incredibly important to operations. It …

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A Crash Course in Process Mapping

Businesses often wish to re-evaluate how they perform certain operational activities or workflows.  In other words, they wish to perform “Process Improvement.”

The underlying assumption to improving anything, is that you understand how it is being done right now.  In a business setting, when there are multiple departments, roles, or even people within a departmental role, all working together to achieve an outcome; it is hard to say that every step of the way is currently understood.

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