Project Management

How to Avoid Disorganized Projects

Disorganized projects are painful for everyone involved. What’s more, that disorganization leads to money lost. How can you avoid disorganization and losing money in a project? Have you tried implementing a Project Charter? Age old, this is a classic tool to align teams to goals, scope, desired outcomes, roles & responsibilities, milestone timelines, budgets, risks …

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How to have a Productive Meeting (or “Avoid the Agenda-Less Meeting!)

No one likes to waste time in meetings, and this is especially true in a virtual environment. Learn about AJC’s flexible Core Team Meeting Agenda that we use to structure project team meetings. And it’s not just us at AJC who wants to stop wasting time in meetings. Check out this Harvard Business Review article …

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AJC Playbook: How to Implement Strategic Projects?

Now that you know WHAT you are going to do, it is time to implement. There are two facets to this.  First is the Project Management Office or PMO, keeping tabs at the high level of all initiatives and continuing to prioritize between existing work (back to WSJF). Second is the individual project implementation work. …

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How to Prioritize Projects? “Lunch and Learn!”

How do you know you are prioritizing the “right” work? Learn how to objectively prioritize projects and align your team to the priority. Watch our Lunch and Learn on How to Prioritize Projects: There is always more work to do than there are people, money, and time with which to do it. And if you …

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How do AJC’s Project Managers Communicate?

AJC’s Project Managers communicate in a timely manner. In other words, we are responsive. This morning I was copied on an email from a client asking to change a meeting scheduled for midday today. Within 10 minutes our Project Manager had changed the meeting to meet her recommendations with a friendly “No problem!” This is …

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How To Prioritize Projects?

Register for our May 6 Lunch and Learn on this Topic! So many ideas or projects, and so little time or resources! One major concern for resource constrained organizations is how to prioritize their great ideas or projects in a way that makes sense to the business. This can be done using objective criteria and …

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Andrea Jones Consulting®’s 2021 Clutch Year In Review

This article was written courtesy of – thanks guys! 2021 was anything but ordinary. Through the challenges and uncertainties we faced throughout the year, it’s our clients that kept us going. Here at Andrea Jones Consulting®, our goal is to help our clients scale with people, process, and technology changes. It’s because of our …

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AJC Playbook: Sharing our Methodology

While AJC typically helps with Execution or Implementation work as (Agile) Project Managers and Change Managers, there is much strategic and prioritization effort involved before we can truly get to this phase of work. AJC’s Playbook tells how AJC recommends sifting through those aspects of strategic preparation as well as practical implementation or execution so …

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Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked for Business Consulting

Andrea Jones Consulting® is now Trademarked in the areas of Business Consulting for the services we provide, including: Business Strategy Development Services Business Process Improvement Organizational Change Management Business Project Management Business Consulting in the field of Agile Processes and Scrum Business Management Consulting Thanks to Kolitch Romano for helping AJC achieve this important milestone.

How to Distinguish Explanations from Excuses

Have you ever worked with someone who always seems to have a reason for not completing their work?  At first, you listen to their explanations, and they seem reasonable.  However, when it happens multiple times every week, you start to become jaded and feel that everything they say is just an excuse. How does one tell the difference between the two?