Project Management

We Need Help Setting a Good Meeting Agenda

The absence of an Agenda being driven by a meeting Leader can often lead to feelings of time, and money, being wasted for everyone in the meeting. Agendas help ensure that the participants provide value to the organization in the time they are spend together, which will help the participants feel like their time is being used in a valuable way.

Why Your Team Can’t Get Things Done

Great vision, great strategy, great project ideas – all areas on which business leaders spend countless hours and dollars annually. The real question is, whose job is it to organize the team and maintain accountability for execution?

Meet Sally Thomsen!

Sally Thomsen is a versatile consultant providing services in Project Management, Process Improvement, and Change Management. Here she offers advice on process, including how Change can be thought of as a process.

When to Assign an Internal Project Manager

Ready to start a new project? Do you have someone internally who you can assign as the Project Manager? Like anything else, there are pros and cons to “doing it yourself” (DIY) when it comes to Project Management. Here are somethings/areas for consideration when deciding whether this approach is right for you.

Process Improvement & Agile Project Management with Diana Muirhead

AJC’s Diana Muirhead has been leading projects and process improvement for many years in various settings. She has also trained as an Agile Scrum Master and is versed on applying Agile concepts such as Product Backlogs, Sprints, and Retrospectives in non-standard Scrum settings. Diana shares with us her background and ideas on process and projects …

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ERP Implementation Rescue (Video Version)

What are the factors during an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do? Watch this video to learn more!

How to Select an ERP System (Video Version)

As companies grow, they always have some system they use, whether they are moving past true startup with spreadsheets and basic accounting (i.e. Excel and Quickbooks), have a legacy system that they have outgrown, or may not be in the cloud. Similarly, leaders in these companies often recognize that they need to upgrade their systems, but are unsure about the leading indicators for doing so, knowing when to start, and how best to go about selecting the right system for them.

How to Create a Milestone Schedule with an Agile Project Backlog

Given the inevitability of change, creating a static “Waterfall” schedule with all tasks and dependencies fully known at the outset of a project seems antiquated at best. Here is how we recommend generating a tried-and-true Milestone Schedule in an Agile fashion – specifically by creating an Agile Project Backlog.

Four Common Misconceptions of Project Management

Leaders think that Project Management will just “happen” even without a designated Project Manager. We talked to an Executive the other day who said that most of the details for 75% of their initiatives aimed at developing capacity to manage their explosive growth, were “in the head” of their President. The Executive asked us if they should consider a Project Manager to handle these projects?