Project Management

Saved by “Plan B:” The Importance of an Effective Project Manager

This story from one of AJC’s clients shows how an effective project manager can save more than nine stitches in time, particularly when Plan A doesn’t go according to plan. We also share these three Reasons to Hire an External Project Manager: 1. Experience anticipating and preparing for contingencies 2. Objectivity 3. Saving time and costs

What Differentiates a Great Project Manager?

Good Project Managers identify project milestones and articulate the steps required to accomplish each one.  They ensure that everything is documented, and plan scheduled tasks to move the project through each phase.  They will facilitate meetings, track actions, and send summaries. The differentiator between a “good” Project Manager, and a “GREAT” Project Manager, however, is …

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Meet Angie Glawe – Project Manager and Agile Consultant

You have a Project Coordinator and Agile Consulting background, tell us about the importance of those in an organization.   Projects are complex by nature. The Project Manager, or Coordinator, plays a key role in pulling the details together and communicating those details. This includes tracking project milestones and due dates, providing support to make sure all project …

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When to Measure Change in a Project?

Following up from our previous Blog, “How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?”, this article discusses when to measure change in a project. Ideally you will have a baseline measurement – i.e. before work has begun on the change. For example, if you are implementing a new system, you can poll …

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What if my needs change mid-project?

“Things are evolving so fast, we don’t know what our needs will be in the next (week, month, quarter).” Things change – and the best laid plans may not always work with what the reality is in your organization. Nothing exemplified this better than the almost overnight onset of the COVID pandemic in March of …

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My ERP Implementation Needs to be Rescued!

ERP implementations are notorious for taking a long time to implement.  What might be going on in an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do? While it is true that ERP implementations can take a …

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