System Implementation

How to Kick Off an ERP Implementation when you are starting NEXT WEEK!

Getting ready to implement or integrate a new ERP system? Here is a “Quick and Dirty” Agenda that we recommended to a client to prep their team – they literally had scheduled this all week Face-to-Face to start the week after we signed the contract to represent them as their ERP Implementation Project Management team, …

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What Does an ERP Consultant do?

ERP Consultants help guide selection and implementation of ERP systems. Many will say they are “System Agnostic,” which theoretically means they will not push any particular system or vendor. There is a new trend that vendors will recommend ERP consultants. Clients may then wonder what it means when that same consultant says they are System …

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Will a new ERP take my job?

When you implement a new ERP (or other) system, it is possible (read: probable!) that not everyone in your organization is going to be super thrilled. After all, change is hard, and resistance to it is normal. Check out this ~3 minute video for an example of a story of a common concern: that a …

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Andrea Jones Consulting®’s 2021 Clutch Year In Review

This article was written courtesy of – thanks guys! 2021 was anything but ordinary. Through the challenges and uncertainties we faced throughout the year, it’s our clients that kept us going. Here at Andrea Jones Consulting®, our goal is to help our clients scale with people, process, and technology changes. It’s because of our …

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AJC Playbook: Sharing our Methodology

While AJC typically helps with Execution or Implementation work as (Agile) Project Managers and Change Managers, there is much strategic and prioritization effort involved before we can truly get to this phase of work. AJC’s Playbook tells how AJC recommends sifting through those aspects of strategic preparation as well as practical implementation or execution so …

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Inventory Management – More Than a System

Inventory Management is a critical functionality in many enterprise-level software systems. For any business holding parts for manufacturing, repairs, shipping, or other technical services, understanding the dimensions of your Inventory is critical to discerning the best system to use to manage it, and will help in setting requirements and expectations for configuration.  Even if you …

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ERP Implementation Rescue (Video Version)

What are the factors during an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do? Watch this video to learn more!

How to Select an ERP System (Video Version)

As companies grow, they always have some system they use, whether they are moving past true startup with spreadsheets and basic accounting (i.e. Excel and Quickbooks), have a legacy system that they have outgrown, or may not be in the cloud. Similarly, leaders in these companies often recognize that they need to upgrade their systems, but are unsure about the leading indicators for doing so, knowing when to start, and how best to go about selecting the right system for them.

Meet Angie Glawe – Project Manager and Agile Consultant

You have a Project Coordinator and Agile Consulting background, tell us about the importance of those in an organization.   Projects are complex by nature. The Project Manager, or Coordinator, plays a key role in pulling the details together and communicating those details. This includes tracking project milestones and due dates, providing support to make sure all project …

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3 Tips for Setting Expectations for a System Implementation

At AJC, we help clients implement new software systems. We don’t code or perform technical configurations, or even clean up data for migration, but we help as the “Owner’s Rep” as Project Managers, Accountability Partners, and Change Managers – ensuring the entire team at the company implementing the new software is ready to go and …

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