System Implementation

How to Select an ERP System (Video Version)

As companies grow, they always have some system they use, whether they are moving past true startup with spreadsheets and basic accounting (i.e. Excel and Quickbooks), have a legacy system that they have outgrown, or may not be in the cloud. Similarly, leaders in these companies often recognize that they need to upgrade their systems, but are unsure about the leading indicators for doing so, knowing when to start, and how best to go about selecting the right system for them.

Meet Angie Glawe – Project Manager and Agile Consultant

You have a Project Coordinator and Agile Consulting background, tell us about the importance of those in an organization.   Projects are complex by nature. The Project Manager, or Coordinator, plays a key role in pulling the details together and communicating those details. This includes tracking project milestones and due dates, providing support to make sure all project …

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3 Tips for Setting Expectations for a System Implementation

At AJC, we help clients implement new software systems. We don’t code or perform technical configurations, or even clean up data for migration, but we help as the “Owner’s Rep” as Project Managers, Accountability Partners, and Change Managers – ensuring the entire team at the company implementing the new software is ready to go and …

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How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?

It is not easy to objectively measure things which are inherently subjective.  The ability to change is one such subjective thing. For instance, how do you assess whether any individual, let alone a whole group of individuals, will be able to perform once a change has taken place?  COVID taught a lot of us about …

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My ERP Implementation Needs to be Rescued!

ERP implementations are notorious for taking a long time to implement.  What might be going on in an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do? While it is true that ERP implementations can take a …

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A 10 Step Process to Select Your New System

With changing working norms shifting radically since the onset of Covid,  many companies have found that dialing into on-premise server-based systems for remote work teams be painful. Many companies are moving or have already moved to the Cloud. This can represent a major business shift that, in turn, often includes evaluating major system changes, from …

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Has Working Remotely Accelerated Your Team’s System Pains?

COVID-19 is sending many workers who used to be in the office to Work from Home (WFH) remote situations.  Systems that seemed “fine” when working on premise now seem antiquated when workers are remote.  Some issues that AJC clients have experienced so far are: getting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) loaded onto their computers to securely access systems …

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