Why Use an Economic-Based VS a Resource-Based Prioritization Model

We have all heard a variation on the justification to *not* undertake certain tasks that runs something like: “but we don’t have anyone who has time to do that.” Many organizations prioritize their work based on who is capable and available to do it. Using a resource-based prioritization model, however, is a dis-service to your organization. We recommend an Economic-Based Prioritization Model.

Three Quick-Start Steps for Making Data Driven Decisions

“Big Data” has become a buzz phrase today. How can companies use the volumes of data to that they have to make data-driven decisions? Here are three concrete steps we recommend to get started using data to make decisions.

What Does it Mean to “Focus on Improvement?”

It should be noted that the first step in Improvement is to admit that you have things to improve! Once you think you can improve, in order to actually improve, you have to do something. After you do something, you can assess the results and realize you can improve again! In other words, focusing on improvement is a beautiful virtuous cycle.

How to Select an ERP System (Video Version)

As companies grow, they always have some system they use, whether they are moving past true startup with spreadsheets and basic accounting (i.e. Excel and Quickbooks), have a legacy system that they have outgrown, or may not be in the cloud. Similarly, leaders in these companies often recognize that they need to upgrade their systems, but are unsure about the leading indicators for doing so, knowing when to start, and how best to go about selecting the right system for them.

Servant Leadership: Is it True, Is it Kind, Is it Necessary?

It is very important to note that helping others succeed does not necessarily feel good in the moment. Helping others succeed sometimes means having uncomfortable conversations. We are fans of having these conversations in an empathetic way. This is pretty nebulous because it’s hard to quantify what “an empathetic way” really means. Here is a pretty simple way to check if one is in an empathetic frame of mind when discussing uncomfortable topics.

How do I Improve My Company’s Operational Efficiencies?

Take our quiz to find out what kind of Operational Efficiency Improvements are right for your company. Replace [*] answers with your own specific needs. 1. Which department, area, or process do you want to improve first? a. The [Customer Service*] department. b. Documenting/updating the standardized processes we use to deliver [product/services*]. c. Our [New …

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My ERP Implementation Needs to be Rescued!

ERP implementations are notorious for taking a long time to implement.  What might be going on in an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do? While it is true that ERP implementations can take a …

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A 10 Step Process to Select Your New System

With changing working norms shifting radically since the onset of Covid,  many companies have found that dialing into on-premise server-based systems for remote work teams be painful. Many companies are moving or have already moved to the Cloud. This can represent a major business shift that, in turn, often includes evaluating major system changes, from …

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Top 5 Tips for Practicing Accountability with Empathy

If one good thing has come from a global pandemic that sent thousands of employees to work-from-home situations where kids, pets, leaf-blowers, connectivity challenges, and overall high levels of anxiety became the “norm,” it is this: employers and employees alike have all experienced first-hand the value of empathy. That said, Executives and employees must still …

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DIY Your Own Process Improvement

2020 has been one heck of a year!  Is your company among the many who have realized that it is time to reconsider your operational and communication processes across your organization?  There are pros and cons to both hiring a consultant and “doing it yourself” (DIY) when it comes to Process Improvement.  Here are somethings/areas for consideration …

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