Focus on High Value Results with AJC’s Executagility Model™

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial for teams to work efficiently and prioritize high-impact tasks. But how can you ensure that your team is focusing their efforts on what really matters? HERE IS A LINK TO THE VIDEO FROM THE EVENT ITSELF! Introducing AJC’s Executagility Model™ – a 3-step approach designed to guarantee a …

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How to Apply The Working Genius to Change Management

It has long been on my mind that The Six Types of Working Genius* can be correlated to effective Change Management.  Different Working Geniuses will likely respond to learning about a change differently. Using the The Six Types of Working Genius* – we have come up with areas that each Genius could help the most with Change. Below are …

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Prepare to take the Six Types of Working Genius Assessment

Thank you for taking the Six Types of Working Genius assessment. A frequently asked question of people who have taken the assessment is: “Why can’t I have ALL SIX types as Genius areas?” Great question! Please watch this short video before you take the assessment – this will hopefully answer that question and prepare you …

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AJC Expanding to Better Support Clients 

Clients of Andrea Jones Consulting® (AJC®) have appreciated the real work and the value our team adds at every step in the process.   Our client base continues to be diverse, ranging from global pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations, to a southeast regional equipment distributor and local manufacturing plants, to name just a few. There is …

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How to Prioritize Processes for Improvement?

AJC’s Prioritization Matrix helps prioritize not only projects, but processes that need to be improved as well. Watch this short video to learn how! If you liked that video – here is the link to the full 20-minute Lunch and Learn for how to use this Prioritization Matrix in project prioritization, as well as two …

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AJC.2022: Passion Led Us Here

Recenter on the WHY. On his website, Simon Sinek states that “The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” At AJC we believe passionately that human beings have the ability to provide value to others through meaningful work done in a service-oriented way that is personally fulfilling. We are …

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A Word from One of Our Account Managers: Barry Chapman Consultant Highlight

Every client engagement at AJC has an Account Manager assigned to it at no cost to the client.  The Account Manager’s role is to meet with the client periodically to make sure the client’s expectations are met. If there is anything the client needs from a business, quality or deliverable standpoint the Account Manager works …

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How do you Communicate in a Project?

One of our Change Management consultants rightly describes Communications as the most powerful tool in the Change Manager’s tool belt. Without effective two-way Communications (meaning that questions and feedback make it back up the chain from a push-out messaging strategy), stakeholders will have little to no confidence that a change initiative is set up for success.

A Word From Our New Director of Client Services

Meet Erin Barsuglia, Andrea Jones Consulting’s new Director of Client Services. Erin’s role is to ensure AJC’s consultants are fulfilled with their projects while maintaining balance with their life goals. She will drive continuous growth and development internally to help our clients grow and develop though the consulting work and support AJC provides.