Communication and Change Management with Robin Gervasoni

My specialty is communications but I am SHRM (HR) certified and PROSCI change management certified and been involved in all sorts of change efforts throughout my career – from closing down pension plans, communicating changes and large increases to employee benefit programs, new leadership teams, new CEOs, acquisitions, mergers, new system implementations, restructures, etc.  Change …

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Project Management & Process Improvement with Grace Chang

Has Project Management and Process Improvement changed in the current COVID-19 climate?For Project Managers and (Process Improvement) Consultants, additional logistical questions are now an essential part of the initial conversations. For instance, we are understandably seeing that virtual tools are becoming the standard practice, which presents questions of project scope and need to determine the right …

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What is AJC’s “Why?”

AJC started in late 2006 – honestly- because I wanted to have a family and also a career. I began my career at Intel Corp as a Process Engineer in 2000. It was a great place to be trained, and I look back with fond memories on my time there. However, I always knew that …

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