How do you Communicate in a Project?

One of our Change Management consultants rightly describes Communications as the most powerful tool in the Change Manager’s tool belt. Without effective two-way Communications (meaning that questions and feedback make it back up the chain from a push-out messaging strategy), stakeholders will have little to no confidence that a change initiative is set up for success.

A Word From Our New Director of Client Services

Meet Erin Barsuglia, Andrea Jones Consulting’s new Director of Client Services. Erin’s role is to ensure AJC’s consultants are fulfilled with their projects while maintaining balance with their life goals. She will drive continuous growth and development internally to help our clients grow and develop though the consulting work and support AJC provides.

Meet Erika Halperin!

Erika Halperin is one of AJC’s amazing Consultant Team members with a strong experience in Agile and Strategy. We are excited to share her expertise with our readers! What is Agile? Agile is a mindset and set of practices that allow software development and business teams to work collaboratively and iteratively to frequently deliver high-quality, …

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The Time Value of Life

We at AJC have grown on this bedrock value – knowing that a fulfilled professional life and a full life are not mutually exclusive. We readily and happily acknowledge all aspects of our teams’ lives, and seek to support each person individually and collectively through the work we provide our clients.

AJC’s “Time Value of Life” from an OD Lens

A truism that flirts with being a cliché is the perspective that we Americans are blatant workaholics, and that our business leaders exploit that intensity to unrealistic, sometimes grueling and occasionally abusive levels.  Organizations that understand and engage in positive development grapple with the issue of staying competitive in today’s market without burning out the most important resource they have at their disposal. The fifth value of AJC addresses this issue directly, the time value of life. We place high value on the active pursuit of both our personal and professional lives and believe we can be successful in both simultaneously.

Meet Sally Thomsen!

Sally Thomsen is a versatile consultant providing services in Project Management, Process Improvement, and Change Management. Here she offers advice on process, including how Change can be thought of as a process.

Meet Alex Jones

Why are Agile/Scrum practices helpful to an organization? There are really two “business results” that an organization should expect to get out of Agile.  The first is a fast, predictable cadence of value delivery.  A traditional “waterfall” project might spend lots of time up front specifying, designing, and producing the output before anything is shipped to …

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Change Management & ERP Implementation with Jenn Lalime

How will change management be helpful to businesses as we begin the post-COVID reopening process? Change Management, when done right, should result in a more change-ready and adaptive organization. We are in an unprecedented time of change which is difficult for both employers and employees and nobody really knows what happens next. Approaching any business …

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Process Improvement with Janell Hosch

It can be difficult to dedicate time to process improvement when there are day-to-day tasks to be completed, but it is very beneficial. Process improvement doesn’t only result in increased efficiency in a work place, but can also improve employee morale and job satisfaction.