Change Management & ERP Implementation with Jenn Lalime

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How will change management be helpful to businesses as we begin the post-COVID reopening process?

Change Management, when done right, should result in a more change-ready and adaptive organization. We are in an unprecedented time of change which is difficult for both employers and employees and nobody really knows what happens next. Approaching any business challenge or opportunity through the lens of your workforce by applying sound change management principals will support and strengthen your organization.

The goal is always to emerge stronger from what ever gets thrown at you – a change management plan can make that a reality.

What is one thing about ERP implementation we should know?

User acceptance of your system will make or break your project and it doesn’t take an army of change managers or a doubled budget to successfully manage the people side of change.

What led you to become a change management consultant?

How individuals learn, adapt, and develop has been a lifelong passion of mine – I earned my master’s degree in adult development before starting my career. While I went on to explore many different roles – project manager, business analyst, executive coach – I find engaging with the people side of change is where I am most energized and creative.

We hear you have an unusual talent!

Yes! Packing. Be it the trunk of a car for a road trip, backpacks for a trek through Asia, a fridge during holiday season, or a dishwasher after a dinner party – I love the challenge of trying to fit it all in.