Communication and Change Management with Robin Gervasoni


My specialty is communications but I am SHRM (HR) certified and PROSCI change management certified and been involved in all sorts of change efforts throughout my career – from closing down pension plans, communicating changes and large increases to employee benefit programs, new leadership teams, new CEOs, acquisitions, mergers, new system implementations, restructures, etc. 

Change is inevitable.

Every organization has and will continue to go through change. Many predict that the amount and speed of change is accelerating which is why it is so important to understand how to adapt and navigate your organization through change. 

I’ve spent a good amount of time coaching leaders on how to educate their teams on how to be more agile and adapt to change. A good number of employees say “make the change stop” or “slow the change down” but the reality is – that isn’t going to happen and it is the leader’s role, in partnership with managers, HR and Communications, to try to get their employees from one side of the change to the other. 

Has Change Management changed in the current COVID-19 climate?

During COVID-19, change has only increased along with feelings of not knowing what is going on, being in the dark or out of control. There is also a growing desire to have it all go back to the way it used to be.

This is where strong leadership and effective communications can play a part.

During COVID-19, many leaders have risen to the occasion and have made it a priority to be visible and available to their employees. Communication tactics such as virtual town halls, coffee chats and team meetings as well as traditional communications such as emails and intranet updates have been key. 

How/why is Communications and Change Management helpful to an organization?

Getting answers to employee questions is important too. During times of ambiguity and uncertainty, employees process the news each in their own unique way. Some may even need to hear it many ways and many times. Answering questions helps your employees better understand what this news means to them in their unique situation. Not knowing can often times cause more stress. 

What are the signs that my organization could use AJC’s Change Management consulting?

Consider reaching out to Andrea Jones Consulting if you are facing a large change or if you employees seem to be struggling with COVID or a new initiative or program. Your employees are a valuable resource that you often times heavily invest in. Make sure everyone is focused in the same direction and not distracted by considering an effective communications and change management plan. 

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