An Exciting New Trend in ERP Implementation for Industrial Dealerships and Parts Suppliers

“EXCITING” is the best word to describe the new trend in Industrial Dealerships and Parts Suppliers when it comes to ERP Selection and Implementation.

Traditionally considered B2B, heavy duty or industrial dealers used to operate with a “brick-and-mortar” style mindset. Sales would typically happen face-to-face with service, parts sales, and rental transactions occurring in person at the dealership.

Although still B2B, forward-thinking industrial dealers today are opening their minds to a “customer-experience” style mindset. Sales, service, parts sales, rentals, all of these activities are undertaken by consumers who have come to expect the convenience of easy online transactions with everything.

The hospitality industry led the way – theme park bookings with electronic tickets and mobile food ordering, easy booking of transportation with Uber and Lyft, and even rental cars. Digital check in for hotels and electronic keys, QR codes for boarding passes – one can take a cross-country trip entirely using only one’s smartphone!

We have seen an increase in interest for Customer Experience Mapping with Industrial Dealerships who want to lead their industries in being forward-thinking and digitally enabled. Their customers expect a seamless and consistent experience across the board, whether they are interacting with sales professionals, warehouse teams, accounting staff, or anyone else. To accommodate our customer’s goals, we have expanded our ERP Selection and implementation processes to put these FUTURE STATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS at the heart of our ERP selection work, and to ensure that digitally enabled experience is able to be realized through both Project and Change Management in our ERP implementation work.

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