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This is AJC!
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If your company feels that a project is important enough to do, then it is important enough to do right.

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Do you know the seven most expensive words in business? “Because we’ve always done it that way.”

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You are at full capacity running your business, and you want an objective perspective. You also want to know if your organization is set up in the right way to meet the challenges of today and the future.

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Great projects deserve great adoption across your organization.

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Do you know what all the buzz is around Agile? AJC can help you gain efficiencies in knowledge work through an Agile framework.

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Implementing a new system – hardware, software, or both – can be daunting. We can help!

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You know what your business goals are. How can you best utilize your operational resources to accomplish those goals?

Women Owned, Human Being Led.

AJC is a woman owned business, and just like your team — we have a diverse team providing input and leading to greater results.

Trusted by

Power Systems West
International Air & Hospitality Academy – All Technical Schools

“We engaged with AJC to keep us on track in our Class A initiatives, develop our internal program and project management skills, and design and to facilitate several value stream process mapping sessions leading to an entirely new method for business system performance/operational measurement. We are proud to report success in these areas and are grateful to AJC for their support.”

— Tim Brown, Vice President and General Manager, Genentech Hillsboro Technical Operations

Power Systems West

ERP Implementation Project Management: Power Systems West

An Executive Leadership change at Power Systems West catalyzed a year-long assessment process whereby the interim Executive Team uncovered many opportunities to improve the company for scalable growth. AJC provided the Project Management, guided the Change Management, and added extra Process Improvement services to support this ERP implementation.


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