How Are Values Viewed from an Organizational Development Lens?

Andrea Jones Consulting (AJC) is a team of experts in several fields, including process improvement, agile methodology, operational strategy, and change management. 

AJC has, like many other firms, a set of core values.

One of our newer team members, Terry Smith, brings in the capability of Organizational Development, and has written a series of articles describing how AJC’s values resonate from the OD lens. One of the primary aspects of the OD profession is guiding and supporting the organization in the development and implementation of organizational values. It is important to understand how your values will resonate with your organization, in an overall holistic view of how your values underscore your organization today, and it’s future development.

The five articles describing the connections between the foundations of OD and AJC’s organizational values will ultimately all be linked to the list of AJC’s values below.

In brief, AJC’s values are:

  • Communication and responsiveness
  • Servant leadership
  • Fostering accountability
  • Focus on improvement
  • The time value of life

Terry believes that AJC’s particular set of company values has clear resonance with the OD mission.  In his articles, he takes a brief look at each one of these in the context of how OD underscores, informs, and guides how an organization operationalizes values such as these.