How Do I Know if my Team is Ready for Change?

It is not easy to objectively measure things which are inherently subjective.  The ability to change is one such subjective thing.

For instance, how do you assess whether any individual, let alone a whole group of individuals, will be able to perform once a change has taken place?  COVID taught a lot of us about this over the past year, and in that case, most of us were not prepared for the change.

When we are more certain about any particular change before it happens, however, our brains are wired to respond more positively.  According to David Rock in his 2009 book Your Brain at Work, “Your brain craves certainty and avoids uncertainty like it’s pain.”

At AJC, we have developed a Readiness Assessment Tool to understand where your team is at in their journey towards certainty about change.  It can be applied throughout an organization – ideally well before the change takes place (more on that in “When to Measure Change in a Project?” ) – and gives Leaders an objective understanding about the current reality in their organization.  Used properly, the Readiness Assessment Tool can guide next step conversations, training, and preparations as the whole team moves towards the “Go Live” of their upcoming change.

AJC Readiness Assessment Tool
AJC’s Readiness Assessment Tool

At the risk of sounding obvious, the sooner you can get started the better.  If your change “Go Live” date is less than 6 months away and you have not assessed the team yet, please Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 1-hour consultation to discuss how we can help your team achieve more certainty!