How to Execute With Agile

There are always opportunities to improve. Yet somehow these opportunities take a backseat to the immediacy of day-to-day work. Weeks, months, even years pass by, and nothing seems to change or get better.

At AJC, we believe that the seven most expensive words in business are “we have always done it that way.”

We have found that an Agile Operating Model can help companies execute improvement work even amidst busy day-to-day schedules. Join our 30-minute lunch and learn to learn how your organization can finally realize the improvements that you’ve been thinking about for years.

If you have not yet seen the “prequel” – we also invite you to watch our webinar on “How to Prioritize Projects” which describes AJC’s tools for prioritizing WHAT needs to be done – projects or processes for improvement – that is truly a precursor to any kind of execution.

Additionally, the even shorter video on this blog is specifically for How to Prioritize Processes for Improvement.

Here we invite you to watch our webinar on How to Execute With Agile.