Key Considerations When Communicating During COVID-19

Here are our key considerations from AJC’s recent Lunch and Learn describing how to communicate around the Return to Work (or delayed Return to Work) during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thanks to Robin Gervasoni for being our featured presenter and grouping these take-aways!

  • Transparency is best policy
  • Collect feedback prior to communicating to better understand employee perspective
  • Enlist managers and supervisors to reinforce messaging and decisions
  • Clearly explain WHY decisions were made
  • COVID-19 situation is ever-evolving and you are closely monitoring the situation and will keep employees updated
  • Everyone plays a role:
    • Employer in providing a safe work environment
    • Employee in preventing the spread of COVID

Below is the Lunch and Learn recording that provides all the details leading to the take-aways above.