Meet Sally Thomsen!

Sally 2021 Headshot

How/why is Project Management/ Process Improvement  helpful to an organization?  

When overworked, overburdened leaders look at prioritizing their work it is not uncommon for them to put tasks and projects related to long-term goals and strategy to the side in order to deal with day to day “fires.”  “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, is often the attitude. Unfortunately, many of these leaders don’t realize what they are leaving on the table due to wasted resources, or what opportunities they are missing because they are unable to effectively and efficiently adapt to client needs. 

Process improvement starts where the work happens.

– Sally Thomsen

What are the signs that my organization could use AJC’s Project Management/Process Improvement Consulting?

Are there needs that keep getting put to the side in favor of burning problems?  Is an organization “stuck”?  Are there industry or organizational changes coming down the pipeline?  All of these might be signs that an AJC consultant can help.  

How is Change/Change Management considered a “Process”? 

Successful change management is about ensuring individuals affected by organizational change have the tools and support necessary to make the individual changes required of them. Those tools include prescribed steps and methods…a process that can be followed to increase the likelihood of success.  Similarly to Project Management, the foundation of the change management process includes determining an organization’s current state with regard to change as well as defining the ideal future state after change has been implemented. Once those locations have been determined a path between the two can be plotted and followed.

A skilled and experienced Project, Change or Process Improvement Manager can help an organization focus on what matters, develop a plan for execution and get it done.

– Sally Thomsen

What is your most unusual talent?  

It probably isn’t super unusual, but I have a ceramics studio in my home and I enjoy making pottery.  I love arts of all kinds, but with ceramics I can create something beautiful and functional.  Being able to eat off a plate I designed and produced myself is truly rewarding.

What weird food combination do you really enjoy?  

I am not ashamed to say, I like pineapple on my pizza.