My ERP Implementation Needs to be Rescued!

ERP implementations are notorious for taking a long time to implement.  What might be going on in an ERP implementation that would cause a company to believe that their project may be going “off-track,” rather than just taking a long time like they “all” do?

While it is true that ERP implementations can take a long time, more so as complexity increases, the group should always have a good feel for the “milestone” schedule and durations.  When milestones such as Data Migration, Testing, Conference Room Pilots, or User Acceptance Testing start pushing by weeks, months, or – the worst – we don’t even know how much work there is before we can do that at *all* – then you know it’s time to get rescued.

Watch this Lunch and Learn presentation on “ERP Implementation Rescue” by AJC and CSG Pro to hear more on this topic, as well as to understand other key considerations such as:

  • What about the vendor’s Project Manager?  Why can’t that person help shore up the schedule?
  • What would you recommend to companies who are concerned about their current ERP implementation schedule?

Finally, here are the Four Tips for any Project Manager in an ERP implementation:

  1. Dedication to the project (no higher priorities)
  2. Able to represent the whole company
  3. Continue with “hypercare” for 4-8 weeks after Go Live
  4. Consider the End Users and their adoption

Is your team in the middle of an ERP Implementation?  We would be happy to help you assess if things are off track – contact us today or take our FREE Quick Assessment Tool (See below or download to use later!)

AJC’s Is Your ERP On Track? Quick Assessment Tool

  1. Do you have a documented ERP Implementation Charter with Roles and Responsibilities documented for the Implementation Core Team (both the company and vendor)?
  2. Is there a published Milestone Schedule to which both you and the vendor have agreed?
  3. Is the project currently on track to the Milestone Schedule?
  4. Has the Milestone Schedule been changed no more than 2 times so far?
  5. Do you have a forecasted number of consulting hours for the vendor’s team to help with implementation, training, and hypercare as pertaining to the Milestone Schedule?
  6. Does the vendor report their actual and revised forecasted hours to you regularly?
  7. Have the vendor’s forecasted hours to Go Live/Hypercare remained consistent?
  8. Is there a plan for Data Migration?
  9. Is there a plan for User Testing?
  10. Is there a plan for End User Training?

How many “Yes” answers do you have?  _________________

Assessment Results:

  • 8-10: Congratulations!  You are on track!
  • 5-7: Time to realign the Core Team; you are at risk of going off track.
  • 0-4: You are off track. Time to make a change.

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