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Learn about our Structured DAER Approach.

Let us deliver the results you really need, and ensure your team is along for the ride. Our structured DAER approach allows us to Define, Align, and Execute work to get you to Results — which leads you to Revenue.

We know that you want to deliver what your customers are willing to pay for with the minimal amount of waste possible, which lead you to AJC! Our process cuts to the heart of the matter and aligns teams up front, maintains discipline towards execution to keep everyone on track, and realize results in a timely fashion. The specific methods of our structured DAER approach may vary based on your unique needs, but our philosophy is consistent.


Define Informed Goals

Together we will define goals informed by real information that support your business needs. This step establishes common ground, builds relationships, and ensures that we address the right issues.

  • Current State or Needs Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Thorough project scoping, including risk analysis and mitigation plan

Align Entire Team

Teams aligning to the same plan can accomplish amazing things. AJC will facilitate team sessions to ensure that everyone is on board with the goals, and understands why they are important. We will agree how to measure our joint success, and ensure specific accountable parties for all portions of the shared implementation plan.

  • Establish Metrics
  • Identify Accountable Person
  • Develop Shared Implementation Plan

Execute Detailed Work

With a solid plan and aligned team, execution can be rewarding as well as challenging. AJC will stay with you through the course of your implementation, supporting the team and maintaining accountability and discipline to accomplishing your goals. We will also help with Change Management and communication to ensure that the greater team is ready to go when the project work is done!

  • Disciplined Review Cadence
  • Outsource Support As Needed
  • (Over) Communicate

Results (Revenue!)

Once implementation is done, the whole team will celebrate successful results! In most businesses, this leads to the revenue generation ROI that motivated the work in the first place.

  • Realize your ROI
Andrea came into OneBuild like a kid in a candy store when we needed layout and massive operational design support. She quickly assessed our needs and provided strong recommendations to help make our production profitable. She gave us tools to use in our execution and assisted with orientation for our management team. She was flexible with her time and approach; demanding, yet understanding our needs and flexible in her approach. She has become a trusted advisor in the years since our first engagement. (Andrea….you da man!) I highly recommend working with AJC, you’ll develop a relationship that will continue to pay dividends for years.
Dale Sperling, Founder and Owner OneBuild

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