Agile Transformation Consulting

Businesses are always being challenged to do more with less. Do you wonder how to create more capacity with your current employees to be more effective without hiring more people?


What is Agile Transformation Consulting?

There is a lot of buzz around the term “agile,” which carries more meaning than the dictionary’s definition. In today’s business context, “Agile” refers a collection of frameworks that have their roots in lean manufacturing. Two immediately helpful tools within Agile are Scrum and Kanban.

Watch the video embedded below, or this one on Agile Fundamentals to learn more!

Why do I need it?

Within the Agile frameworks, Scrum and Kanban can be used for planning and execution and can help visualize capacity. These tools help to make knowledge work visible, which is a challenge for most leaders. Without the pileup of inventory or WIP, quickly diagnosing holdups in productivity is very challenging.

Why AJC?

Check out this article on how to start with Agile.  AJC will come in to your organization to give a presentation on the basic terminology and explain how Scrum and Kanban tools work.  Next, we’ll assess where you are in your own Agile transformation, and cater our solutions to your needs using our structured approach.

Alex’s presentation was really informative and timely, we were all furiously taking notes. Agile can benefit any business looking to improve and work more efficiently, and Alex is a great subject matter expert and resource!
Jeff Norris, Regional Sales Executive

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