Change Management Consulting

Have you ever implemented a terrific project only to encounter resistance by the very team who is supposed to benefit the most? How can you ensure that you realize your forecasted Return on Investment?

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What is Change Management Consulting?

Thoughtful Change Management protects your project investment by working with all stakeholders to fully adopt what you’ve just implemented. AJC collaborates with you to create a Stakeholder Engagement Plan concurrently with project execution to bring the whole team along throughout all stages of the project.

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Why do I need it?

Few people are comfortable with change, especially if they don’t understand how it affects them. Change Managers work with all Stakeholders to proactively and appropriately communicate about the project, engaging with team members to understand confusing points and smooth the way for ultimate project adoption.

Why AJC?

AJC is unique in that we not only manage technical aspects of your project, we also recognize the need to manage Stakeholder adoption for long term sustainability of your investment. As Change Managers, we are a neutral third party that aligns team members at all levels to the work at hand.

Wonder what Change Management could look like for your next project?

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