ERP System Selection and Implementation Consulting

Do you need help implementing a new ERP or other systems?


Your business needs a new ERP or other systems, but your team is busy running the day-to-day operations. How will they manage “one more thing”?

ERP implementations are notoriously time-consuming and expensive. How can you best protect your organization from costly implementations and missed deadlines?

A new system will only have an ROI if people actually use it! Whose job is it to ensure the whole company is prepared and willing to use the new system at Go-Live?

Could Systems Implementation Consulting help?

Bringing expert guidance to your ERP Selection and/or ERP Implementation takes the burden off your team to manage this once-in-a-decade project. Internal staff are able to stay”on track” and run the day-to-day operations WHILE your Systems Selection and implementation progresses to help the business move forward.

A dedicated Project Manager will help manage ERP implementation success by maintaining schedule and budget, ensuring your employees are trained, the vendor is on track, and the system launches in a timely fashion.

A dedicated Change Manager knows that most people do not like change. They will proactively and methodically prepare the whole company to buy into the new system so staff is ready and willing to use the new system at Go Live.

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Why do I need it?

Employees have their “day jobs,” in addition to supporting major ERP or other Systems Implementation projects. The Systems Implementation Project and Change Management team makes the implementation project their primary goal so internal employees can still run the business while supporting relevant portions of the ERP or other system implementation.

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Why AJC?

Systems implementation partners have expertise in Process Mapping, Project Management, Change Management specifically for ERP and other Systems Implementations. AJC offers a few unique qualities, however. Are we a fit for you?
1. AJC is system “agnostic,” meaning that we will learn what is best for YOU before we even research solutions, ensuring you get the right system for your organization.
2. AJC dedicates our team to YOU, meaning our Project Manager and Change Manager will only be worried about your project, not several other clients simultaneously.
3. AJC focuses on results, not pushing billable hours, meaning that we will efficiently maintain a healthy project pace so no one, including us, is wasting time or your money.

The AJC project management was instrumental in our team meeting our deadline.
Brad Lyons, President, Power Systems West

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