Introducing AJC®’s Executagility Model™

The Executagility Model™ is AJC’s® 3-part process to ensure your team works smarter, focuses on the right work, and stops putting time and effort into low value work.


Why would we want to use the Executagility Model™?

The Executagility Model™ helps your team Execute successfully on your most important projects –  despite limited bandwidth.

How does the Executagility Model™ work?

  1. Work is prioritized for impact and urgency using clear and objective criteria.
  2. The Executagility Model™ incorporates an Agile mindset and methodologies that provide transparency to work in process and a focus on the delivery of results. It is embedded into your ways of working to help you realize incremental results quicker.
  3. Human-centered change management techniques align your organization, ensure smoother adoption, effective communications and support you as you scale up and strive for sustainability.

Is there reinforcement for the Executagility Model™ after your team transitions it to us?

Some clients have found it helpful to “graduate” to our Executagility Coaching Model as a form of reinforcement. This helps keep your team accountable and training new employees as they join the organization, and can continue at a lower financial commitment indefinitely.

Plus, AJC® practices what we preach! We are continuously improving the Executagility Model™ as well! When our model improves, our current coaching clients will benefit from proactive training on how to continue to grow and expand their use of the Executagility Model™ as well!

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Is this something we can implement on our own?

We do recommend using our AJC® Consulting team to help initiate, implement, train, and transition our model to increase your probability of long-term sustainable use of the process even after we leave.
However, AJC® recognizes that some companies are not in a position to bring in a consulting team, even with our part-time hours service. In this case, we are working on a hybrid Consulting & Executagility™ Coaching Model option. Our team will still establish your groundwork in the first month, then we will transition to coaching your team for implementation and sustainability.

How do we get started?

If either the full Consulting model, or the hybrid Consulting & Executagility™ Coaching Model is of interest to you – please reach out to us directly to schedule a complimentary information sharing session.

Alex’s presentation was really informative and timely, we were all furiously taking notes. Agile can benefit any business looking to improve and work more efficiently, and Alex is a great subject matter expert and resource!
Jeff Norris, Regional Sales Executive

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