Fractional Integrator

Whether you use the Entrepreneur’s Operating System fully, partially, or not at all, an Integrator maintains accountability.

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What is a Fractional Integrator?

Integrators ensure that everyone in the company is aligned to execute the company’s goals or vision. In EOS, this person maintains accountability for Rocks (quarterly goals), effects your Org Chart (Accountability Chart), maintains discipline to Scorecards, Processes, and Personnel Development Plans (People Analyzer).

Why do I need it?

Looking at the outside world to define the market’s needs and how your company can deliver those products and services is a very different role from selling, making, delivering, and managing the products and services. Assigning a different person to each role, businesses will thrive both internally and externally.

Why AJC?

AJC’s Fractional Integrators are experienced in the role, and can coach your internal Integrator, participate on a temporary or part-time basis as an Integrator, or fill in the gaps that your internal Integrator will elevate into. We start with a Needs Assessment to determine what level of Integrator your business requires; we only deliver services that you actually need.

We hired AJC to perform an Integrator Needs Assessment for us, in order to determine our level of need for an outsourced Fractional Integrator. Andrea and her team were able to quickly evaluate our current needs, and uncover an internal resource whose GWC already matched 80% of the Integrator role, given some coaching in a few functional areas. An interesting twist on the original expectations, AJC’s recommendations will help us to grow to an internally sustainable model by growing our in-house leadership talent. AJC brought a truly objective perspective to the table, and one that we felt truly put our needs as the customer first.
Jeff Wallace, “Visionary” and Director of Business Operations, United Fire Health & Safety

Unsure if you need a Fractional Integrator (or an outside Integrator at all)?

Contact us today for your Integrator Needs Assessment.

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