Operational Strategy Consulting

Articulating business strategy is a great first step, and many companies do this annually. The second step, often overlooked, is to develop the Operational Strategy for your team to meet those goals.


What is Operational Strategy Consulting?

Armed with your goals, Operational Strategy works with your team to develop implementation plans and identify strengths, gaps, opportunities, and threats to your organization’s ability to meet those goals.

Why do I need it?

Companies often have great subject matter expertise in their fields. It is easy to get caught up in one silo, and miss the operational perspective of evaluation from every angle. Internally, it is also difficult to call out concerns when one is unsure how raising those issues will be received by the entire organization.

Why AJC?

Starting with the business need “WHY”, AJC develops your playbook from there. Who is doing which initiatives, When, How, Where, and What does “done” look like? What risks may derail the plan; how to mitigate? What support is needed? How will the team work together? We think holistically so you can achieve results.

We are a 30 year old company with 30 year old “Habits” and habits are hard to break. Andrea was able to keep the group focused and moving forward in a positive manner among diverse personalities. Bottom line, we are now on a path of efficiency and growth.
Brian Stevens, President – Vision Plastics

Read our Blog on What is an Operational Needs Assessment to get a feel for how we may approach your Operations Strategy Needs!

Get it Done.

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