Project Management Consulting

Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.

Projects fail due to lack of goal setting, ineffective meetings, unclear roles, and unrealistic timelines; not to mention inconsistent accountability.


What is Project Management Consulting?

The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of your project. The PM sets expectations and parameters for the project, helps the team navigate the project during execution, tracks status, triages questions and change requests, and acts as the “squeaky wheel” to ensure work gets done on time.

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Why do I need it?

An experienced PM is essential to ensure a well-executed and successful project. Assigning non-PMs to handle PM work internally is challenging due to competing priorities, workload, and lack of PM training. A consultant PM is an experienced outside expert dedicated to your project team and their success.


AJC consultants are experienced Project Managers with a broad range of industry background and knowledge. We flexibly match our service hours to your project needs and adjust over time, so you don’t pay for hours you don’t need. When you get BIGGER results with smaller fees, your outsourced PM just became affordable.

AJC is managing a critical project for us in the midst of significant internal change. They help keep our team moving forward while removing hurdles and researching options for our consideration. AJC is also flexible with their time and approach, which we appreciate and really require in our current environment. They have been able to step in as a partner to our team in short order and keep us focused.
John McCalla, CIO ProTech Industries

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