Strategic Planning Facilitation

It is often helpful to have an outside perspective facilitate Strategic Planning. An outside facilitator can draw out new ideas, maintain focus on the future, and ask objective questions.


What is Strategic Planning Facilitation?

Strategic Planning is more than just a day. A clear understanding of the current state, backed by real financial and operational data, as well as thoughtful Agenda preparation that includes both team building aspects, as well as black and white goal articulation, will help the actual day be successful for everyone.

Why do I need it?

Taking time to work “on” the business, instead of “in” the business requires real effort. “Urgent” new items pop up daily, derailing your best intentions. Hiring an outside Strategic Planning facilitator keeps your Leadership Team accountable to elevate out of the day-to-day and think big picture.

Why AJC?

When your Leadership Team is out for a whole day, that day must be productive! AJC works with you to prepare a meaningful Strategic Planning session. We facilitate and scribe your session to ensure nothing gets missed. We also develop implementation plans so your ideas get executed. AJC can help maintain execution accountability too.

Read our Case Study about Strategic Planning here.
Would your company benefit from this approach?

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