Systems Implementation Consulting

Implementing a new system – hardware, software, or both – can be daunting.


What is Systems Implementation Consulting?

Systems Implementation starts with the current state, articulates the goals of your future state, and intentionally sequences every step to achieve the future considering perspectives, skills, and capacities of all stakeholders.

Why do I need it?

Employees have their “day jobs,” in addition to supporting major Systems Implementation projects. The SI Project and Change Management team is usually outsourced so they can make the implementation project their primary goal so internal employees can still run the business while supporting relevant portions of the implementation.

Why AJC?

AJC structures your systems implementation project and manages all aspects of it. We have expertise in project strategy, process mapping and documentation, and change management. We even have experience in industrial engineering to guide equipment installations or interim operations layouts, so that you can continue to run while you are improving for the future.

When we implemented our new automated equipment system, the cross-functional team needed a Single Point of Contact who kept us all accountable and on task. We had dependencies both internally and externally, Julie kept us focused, was flexible with her time to stretch over our budget needs, and even provided interim Ops layout support. We really enjoyed working with AJC and would recommend them to manage any implementation project with cross-functional stakeholders and risks to mitigate.
Laura Hysen, Director of Pharmacy, Vetsource

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