The Time Value of Life

AJC’s Visual Story created for us by our friends at FosterWe, providing Change & Visual Storytelling

AJC’s Story* is one of a real life – a full life – an authentic life, and one that we believe resonates with others.

*More on Andrea’s personal story at this link:

Human beings are dynamic, with many gifts, interests, and talents. We grow and change over time. Our lives ebb and flow where we are needed, where we are interested, and situationally based on our circumstances.

Working through a dynamic life, therefore, also ebbs and flows in different seasons.

We at AJC have grown on this bedrock value – knowing that a fulfilled professional life and a full personal life are not mutually exclusive. Work is part of our lives, but it is not the *only* part. We readily and happily acknowledge all aspects of our teams’ lives, and seek to support each person individually and collectively through the work we provide our clients.

Here are some quotes from our recent “Summer Conversations” with AJC-ers about the “Time Value of Life:”

  • “I love the company values, and that (AJC) upholds them through the biz dev stage and uses it as a strength.”
  • “I love the culture of trust that exists, where we’re allowed to have a flexible schedule and everyone has the same expectation to just get work done.”
  • “I am thrilled with this concept that I get the best of both worlds of being employed and being flexible.”
  • “I have loved the six years of consistent flexibility this work provides.”
  • “AJC is supportive of my personal commitments.”
  • “The team is enthusiastic, optimistic, and seems to find “serious enjoyment” in their work.”
  • “I love the flexibility involved.”
  • “I’ve worked part-time, full-time, and had ample weeks off all in a fashion that met my customers’ needs and made space for what was most important to me personally.”
  • “Before I met AJC, I was thinking there must be an agency that feels not all work is full time!”
  • “I really enjoyed being able to take off time between projects – it was a huge work-life win for me.”
  • “I love working in teams, especially in this virtual environment.”
  • “I like the sincerity about that 5th value of “time value of life” – ensuring that we’re not overworking ourselves and paying attention to our personal lives.”
  • “This isn’t even “work” for me.”
  • “One thing I love obviously has been the flexibility.”
  • “Honestly – if I were not working with AJC, I would not be working right now.”

People have asked if AJC would consider taking this “show on the road,” so to speak. Meaning, would we help consult with other organizations on how to make flexible work a reality for them?

Let’s answer it like this – if you are REALLY interested and committed to making flexible working arrangements a reality for your team, we are always happy to talk. Give us a call.