What Does an ERP Consultant do?

ERP Consultants help guide selection and implementation of ERP systems. Many will say they are “System Agnostic,” which theoretically means they will not push any particular system or vendor.

There is a new trend that vendors will recommend ERP consultants. Clients may then wonder what it means when that same consultant says they are System Agnostic. For AJC, being system agnostic means is that we do a full Requirements Gathering process with clients before we even consider what particular system or vendor may be a fit for them.

This video shares what being System Agnostic truly means for AJC.

For example, we have a client now that was referred to us by the vendor we helped select for another client. The first several weeks of the new engagement have been heavy in Requirements Gathering – process mapping current and improved future states for Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, and Record to Report; as well as a Customer Experience Mapping session.

Our own PM who helped select the vendor who referred us asked the other day when our new client’s team would reach out for his opinion on the particular vendor. We aligned that there are a few more steps in the Requirements Gathering process to get through first. We like to have a full understanding of what is best for each client and their unique organization before we explore the advantage of our team’s ability to share knowledge and experience.