What does Organizational Development Foundation Consulting Look Like?

Leaders often have a clear vision of what “good” or even “great” looks like for their business or department. The problem is that what got you here may not get you there, and that goes double for team members that are being asked to work in new ways.

As a leader, how do you know if the people you have will be able to execute on your vision of the future?

AJC has developed a process for a foundational Organizational Development Consulting Engagement that will walk leaders through this process. Like everything we do, we are happy to help you not only set up the plan, but also to guide you through implementation so that you can point to tangible results in your organization. We start this at the Leadership Team (LT) level with direct reports of  the LT  and will help you determine the best way* to cascade it down the organization.

  1.  Current State Assessment
    1. What does your organization look like today?
    2. What are the current job descriptions for each role?
    3. Who is in each role, and what is their background/experience, special qualifications and/or interests?
    4. What is everyone’s Working Genius? (conduct a facilitated session!)
  2. Future State Design – Based on your vision of the future
    1. We collaborate with you to develop the Future Org Chart to deliver your vision
    2. We create job descriptions for each role on your LT to deliver your vision, including critical Competencies for the role, Key Accountabilities, and Qualifications
    3. We facilitate a mapping of your current team into the Future State roles, inclusive of applicable succession plan opportunities
    4. We develop Gap Analyses for each team member to highlight areas for development to meet the Future State expectations for their new role
    5. We will help you create a strategy and plan for transitioning team members into new roles, or into other areas in (or out) of the organization
  3. Transition Implementation
    1. We help you implement the transition plan for your current team into their new roles
    2. We facilitate the creation of manager/employee aligned Development Plans that close gaps and grow skills

*Based on your internal capabilities, once the Leadership Team is built out, we can train your direct reports to complete this process for their teams, or help them with the process in a hands-on fashion as well. We also can work with your internal Human Resources team to create this type of capability within their department for long-term sustainability within your organization.