What is AJC’s “Why?”

AJC started in late 2006 – honestly- because I wanted to have a family and also a career.

Listen to this MIT LGO Podcast on The Future of Work and Flexibility to hear me share my story! Thanks to Kaya Thomas and Zoe Hinton for the opportunity to share!

I began my career at Intel Corp as a Process Engineer in 2000. It was a great place to be trained, and I look back with fond memories on my time there. However, I always knew that once I started a family, the demanding work schedule did not fit with my life’s vision.

Upon getting married, I joined MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations program, graduating in June of 2006 with an MBA from MIT Sloan, and a Masters in Engineering. My husband Alex and I were trying for a family, and I was looking for a consulting project that I could do until we knew where that would lead us.

Thus, AJC began with my first project starting in Q4 of 2006. After our first child was born, I wasn’t sure if I’d return to work at first. However, a new opportunity presented itself, and I went back to a new consulting project after 14 weeks home. Our second child came two years later, and again a new opportunity – this one part-time – after 14 weeks home. We now have four children, and AJC has been growing – adding opportunities for others who share our “time value of life.”

Things do change with life’s seasons. Sometimes it makes sense to work full time, and other times life is better complemented by part-time work, or even a period of time off from work. People with great backgrounds, experience, education, enthusiasm, and amazing skills can often get stuck out of work for too long because it seems that work is all or nothing – full time, or no time.

At AJC, we PASSIONATELY KNOW that human beings have so much to offer the world. Meaningful work provides much more than income – it provides a sense of self-esteem, reinforces dignity in the human being, and is a social and creative outlet whereby individuals feel they are providing value to others. This type of meaningful work can be done part time, full time, or with periods of time off, depending on life’s season.

Although I started AJC as a means to continue my career while having a family, it has now become so much more than that. There are so many reasons that life does not always fit with a full time work schedule. At AJC, we strive to bring fulfillment to our team and our clients alike with our flexible consulting model.

If it were not for the AJC team, all of whom are so impressive and skilled – I would not continue this business. AJC-ers share the same values, we are committed to service and excellence in all aspects of our lives. This includes our clients, our families, our friends, and ourselves.

This is our “Why:”

We believe that time spent working can change over life’s seasons. Through AJC, our amazing team continues to share our professional talents with the world.

Thank you AJC team – it is my great honor and privilege to serve you each day.

2020 AJC Team
AJC Team as of December 2020