When Things Change, How to Stay Sane?

Welcome to a pace of world change that can feel dizzying.  Just when we think we have learned to navigate in our new environment, it seems that there is something else worthy of our attention.


In March, we published on Change Management with one of our experts in the field, Charae Gibbs.  Charae has also worked remotely for many years and provided some tips for how she recommends thriving in a remote work environment.

Now in our 14th year of business, AJC has always incorporated remote work in our business model.  In this unprecedented time of social distancing, that skill is serving us well.  Even before COVID-19, AJC has had to kick off projects virtually, though we relish the opportunities we have for in person connections to deepen and strengthen team bonds and relationships. 

Just the other day, a colleague suggested that virtual project initiation was “impossible.” Having done it now for four projects over COVID, we would argue that, while challenging, kicking off projects 100% virtually is very do-able.  Two of our consultants, Angie Glawe and Robin Gervasoni, have both kicked off projects having *not even once* met any of their new team members in person. Another AJC consultant, Jenn Lalime, has only met her client team in person one time prior to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders were instated.  

We have found that when team members are aligned to the need for the project and its ultimate results, virtual kick-offs are a great way to get started with fewer scheduling and travel budget roadblocks. 

Like many of our client team members, we look forward to more of a “hybrid” work approach where we can connect interpersonally as well as spend time “heads-down” without interruptions.  It will also be wonderful to meet with our client team members in person.  However, in the interim, we are grateful to be working and serving our clients.  We also love learning about all the new ways that people are learning to grow through adversity.

Below are some additional tips from AJC’s consulting team for how to continue to stay sane amidst remote work situations and changing times.

Find 2 mins each day to connect with something beautiful.  During quarantine time spent staring at screens and traversing the same few rooms can zap us of inspiration, but taking a few minutes to really engage with something for no other reason than to observe and experience it’s inherent beauty can really help shift your perspective.


  • Admire a recent flower bloom in your garden without pulling any surrounding weeds
  • Take a walk outside to get a closer look of your neighbor’s tree that stands just outside your window
  • Find a painting or sculpture to connect with in one of the many virtual museums and galleries that have sprung up
  • Read a poem
  • Listen (and maybe dance!) to a song 

Maintain your Routine, and ensure your logistics and technology are in working order.

Find new and unique ways to keep teams engaged, like using Mural, Miro, or Jamboards, and share tidbits from your personal life with team members, like about your pet or a key fact about your hometown.

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, we hope you are able to find the silver linings that help you stay sane amidst all the change in the world, and look forward to connecting with you in whatever way we can.